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Schooling from Home: Tips for Creating Independent Learners and Taming the Pile in a Small Space.

Life is pretty hectic and adding schooling at home to the bundle makes it even crazier. Organization is vital. If I didn’t stay organized I am not sure if we would get anything done or if I would be able to keep my sanity. So, since I don’t want to be put in the loony bin I do my best to keep the crazy tamed… well, most of it… these cuties have their own kind of delightful crazy. 

My silly littles
My silly littles

This last year we moved into a bigger, but at the same time smaller, home. Yes, we have more land to live on but the house itself is smaller.

In the last house we had a dedicated school room. Though I loved having the dedicated space, I wouldn’t trade in our new space to go back. With the challenge of a new setup came a need to change my space structure and organization.  Continue reading Schooling from Home: Tips for Creating Independent Learners and Taming the Pile in a Small Space.


Why we pick Online School.

I decided to take a break from plums and preserving to finally open our school boxes that were delivered last week. I figured since school starts in less than three weeks I should take the first step in getting my act together.

As a family we have made the choice to do online schooling. Online school is a new idea to most people. Some ask “What’s that?” and I simply state it is homeschooling but our school gives me a curriculum to follow.  The response is usually “Oh….interesting” Which usually means they still have no idea what I am talking about but aren’t interested enough to ask for details. I have run into many people who are genuinely curious so I elaborate for them.

So, for those curious…read on to learn about why we made this choice and what the basics look like. If you really aren’t curious this would be the time you say “Ohh……interesting” and read a different posting… Continue reading Why we pick Online School.

Getting ready for Summer Break: Journaling

Summer break for us is going to be starting a bit late due to getting behind in our schooling but I am getting ready.

One of our school challenges is writing. My oldest hates it. When he sees that he has a writing assignment it is immediate dread and whining. At some point in the assignment there is usually tears. This is a great irony because the boy can talk and talk and talk.

So, I wanted to integrate some writing into our summer in a fun way. Continue reading Getting ready for Summer Break: Journaling