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Preserving the Harvest: Green Beans

There are a few things that I seem to grow well in the garden. One is Sugar Snap Peas and the other is Green Beans.

Last year I had three trellis rows of green beans and I was able to preserve 5 gallon bags of blanched frozen beans. Because 5 bags didn’t last us nearly all year, my goal this year was 12 bags of beans.  I went a bit crazy and planted 7 trellis rows of beans.  Continue reading Preserving the Harvest: Green Beans


Low-sugar Peach and Yellow Plum Jam

Ahhh…. Summer goodness! I love putting beautiful preserves in these lovely clear jars that I can open in the winter months. I can spread the goodness on a piece of toast (I am a bit addicted to toast) and remember that the leaves will soon return….  Continue reading Low-sugar Peach and Yellow Plum Jam

Blackberry Jam

Last year we had a wonderful opportunity to get blackberries. We went picking every other day while they were in season and it is easy to say the kids got really sick of blackberries. They would complain and I would say “Aren’t you excited!? We are only going to come a hundred more times 🙂 Just think of the yummy jam these will make!” They also make fantastic cobbler.

I froze most of the berries because we were also in the middle of other harvesting projects. I finally got to making some jam today… Continue reading Blackberry Jam

Buy Organic? Our Balance…

For quite a few years I have listened to the organic produce debate and have shook my head in confusion. As a mom on a limited budget buying organic produce seemed out of my ability. I kept thinking “There has to be a balance here.”

Continue reading Buy Organic? Our Balance…