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Mother’s Day and Ready to Plant. YA!

My hubby told me that on Saturday we were going to do Mother’s Day celebrations early. He asked me what fun thing I wanted to do and my response was that what I REALLY wanted to do was get the garden set up for planting. Okay, Maybe not on most peoples fun list but that is what I most wanted. I have been itching to get my bean seeds in the ground so I can start watching them grow but I felt stuck behind a list of things I needed to do. Continue reading Mother’s Day and Ready to Plant. YA!


Small town girl in the Country

Well, the last several months has been pretty busy and crazy with the move. On top of that, Due to a combination of computer issues that still have not yet been fully resolved and a need to prioritize, blogging has not been high on the list of to dos. In fact, March was deemed a time to minimize ALL commitments and just focus on getting a healthy baseline back into place. It has been wonderful to get back to basics. ┬áIt was a crazy process getting here but I am so glad we are to the point of being settled again. Changes do make life interesting… Continue reading Small town girl in the Country

Buy Organic? Our Balance…

For quite a few years I have listened to the organic produce debate and have shook my head in confusion. As a mom on a limited budget buying organic produce seemed out of my ability. I kept thinking “There has to be a balance here.”

Continue reading Buy Organic? Our Balance…