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Clothespin Creation: How to Build a Clothespin

People are quite curious about how we make clothespins. When we share with people what we make most people look at the pins with a confused look and ask “You made this?”

Three pins with label

Here are the basic steps to building our clothespins. Continue reading Clothespin Creation: How to Build a Clothespin


DIY Light Table: Transferring Designs

As many of you know I began to embroider this last winter. My goal was to create pieces that I could frame. I enjoyed my beginning pillow cases but I am not really into fancy towels or pillow cases.

I really  wanted my focus to be artwork that I could hang on the wall. I didn’t want my embroidery to be limited to preprinted patterns. So, that meant I needed an easy method to transfer a pattern from a piece of paper onto a piece of fabric.  Continue reading DIY Light Table: Transferring Designs

Dryer Lint Fire Starters

I am happy to announce we are up and running again…(well mostly). We at least have a working home computer and I can begin blogging again on a limited basis! Yes, I know I could have been Super Blogger and gone to the library to write with my three kids in tow, but really?… I decided on being just a good Mom. Super Blogger will just have to be put on pause… So, time to have some fun and share a project… Continue reading Dryer Lint Fire Starters