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Clothespin Snowflakes

It’s Christmas time!!! Ya!!

Even though The Carpenter won’t let me put up the Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving (He believes in one holiday at a time) it is time to start making paper snowflakes for the windows and wooden snowflakes to decorate around the house…. Continue reading Clothespin Snowflakes


Clothespin Trivet

I have really enjoyed making crafts with our new Clothespin Halves. Not only did I have to make the craft to create the tutorial but now I have two gorgeous trivets to display on my table.

Already I have had several people mention how wonderful they look. No one can resist touching them when I show them that they change shape.

 I love their simple beauty and diversity…. Continue reading Clothespin Trivet

But I don’t have a Clothesline…. Over 20 awesome uses for clothespins

Since we have started our new adventure I have had several people say to me “But I don’t have a clothesline, so I don’t need clothespins…”  So, I gathered over 20 ways we use clothespins… Here they are… Continue reading But I don’t have a Clothesline…. Over 20 awesome uses for clothespins

Hands and Heritage

This post was originally written last week but its publishing got pushed off due to our move into a new home. I chose not to change it before publishing other than to add this note.  I felt today was a perfect time to publish it because this afternoon my sweet Grandmother, that I mention below, went home to be with her Jesus today. The following words bring tears and I am sad because I will miss her. I am not sad her suffering is over and that she is now able to rejoice with her Savior.

This post is dedicated to my Grandmother Theresa Mencl Close Goble. Continue reading Hands and Heritage