Reviews of Kevin’s Quality Clothespins

We think our clothespins are wonderful, but you don’t have to take our word for it….

Read these reviews from customers and bloggers.

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Common Sense Homesteading

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Backyard Farming Connection Blogger ReviewBackyard Farming Connection

The Self Sufficient HomeAcre Review

Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Lisa at Fresh Eggs Daily 

“I raise chickens using natural, old-timer’s methods and always say ‘these aren’t your grandmother’s chickens’. Well, Kevin’s Quality Clothespins aren’t your grandmother’s clothespins either. They’re better! Hand carved and reminiscent of vintage pins, they are sturdier and better made, while reminding us of days gone by, maybe helping us reminisce about the ‘good old days’. I love these clothespins. They hold clothes on the line extremely well and are just beautiful to look at. True works of art. Revive a bit of nostalgia in your backyard and try hanging your laundry on the line using Kevin’s Quality Clothespins.” -Lisa at Fresh Eggs Daily

Fresh Eggs Daily FB page sponsored a giveaway after falling in love with our pins.  Check out her great page by clicking on her logo above.

 The Messy Organic Mom

The author of this lovely blog ordered our factory seconds and wrote this review. As you can see from the picture her chickens love them too 🙂

Review of our factory second pins
Review of our factory second pins

Tracy at Our Simple Life – Simple living in a modern world

Great Website with lots of Homemaking and Homesteading Tips
One of my Favorite parts of her blog is Friday Fabulous Fives
“If you are looking for a heavy duty clothespin that is made in the USA you have to try Kevin’s Quality Clothespins. Lady and the Carpenter makes them handmade. I tried them last week, on a very windy day and they held up like crazy. Not one of them snapped off and none of my clothes were on the ground!” (Tracy’s Comment on our From our Posts to Page section on FB)
Jessica: “These are really good clothespins! I truly believe they will last a lifetime if not longer. They are a great investment, and plan on buying more. 🙂 Thank you for the great quality!”

Jeanie: “These are not your “Made in China” clothespins! They are sturdy ! I bought a pack of 10 and they are the first clothespins on the line. I can’t wait to order more – maybe Santa will bring me some :)”


Tracy “I gave them quite a workout…from my husbands heavy work clothes to rugs and even a heavy comforter and they were wonderful.  I didn’t have one of them snap with the weight and it was even windy and nothing fell to the ground. There is something special about knowing they were made by hand and not in a factory overseas! I was so protective of them I didn’t even want to leave them outside in my clothespins bucket. I did choose to leave them outside to see how they fair the weather.

Have you tried Kevin’s Quality Clothespins?

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28 thoughts on “Reviews of Kevin’s Quality Clothespins”

  1. I received the clothes pins and immediately fell in love with them upon opening the package. They are almost too beautifully crafted to be used to simply hang up laundry! The strength of the clothes pins are quite amazing they are certainly not the flimsy feeling ones I’m use to, I have no doubt these will hold up for many years. Even on the windiest day when I would normally walk out to find my clean laundry on the ground with ordinary pins these kept even heavier garments in place. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone.

  2. After reading about the clothespins on a blog.I ordered a sample was very impressed.Whole family hangs laundry whole family liked the sample.These aren’t just clothespins they are little works of art!Love them!Have ordered and received 10 pins will be ordering many more.

  3. I’ve been very frustrated with the quality of the clothespins that I have been purchasing. Then……I found this product through googling on the internet. Not only are these clothespins durable….they are a work of art. My husband and I are loving them. Thank you…Thank you….Thank you!

  4. I have collected old clothes pins accidentally for years. Have some cool pastel plastic ones and some wooden ones with a different spring and carved configuration. But THIS clothespin is truly a champion amongst the mass and a work of functional art! My thing is functional art…AwEsOmE!! I will use this in my tailoring business in many ways…maybe will need more later. Thanks for dedication to your craft!

  5. Who ever thought you could love clothespins?? But I do! I love everything about them – they work great, look great – they’re….just GREAT! Thank you so much!

  6. I adore the clothespins! I made the mistake of not telling my husband that they were MINE and was mortified to see he was using them to hold up cheeseclothes to drain his raspberry vodka. The clothespins were covered with berries but when I washed them they came off completely clean due to the stain you put on. I have since instructed him to leave them alone! Thank you so much for a high quality, hand made item.

  7. I have bought many clothes pins from large box stores and they do not last at all, end up with two pieces and a spring that went who knows where, i am moring off the grid and really would be great investment to get these pins

  8. So glad I learned of these on Common Sense site . . I had order some from a catalog claiming they were bigger & better – made in China! They don’t hold a candle to these. . . Son could see the size even before I showed him the other. Link the coating, coated mine years ago wanted to keep them nice (messy job and lots of work) Like that they will replace them. Fast shipping. Nice people to deal with. 2 thumbs up . . . . Very Good ordered 8 pkgs. . .

  9. I love these clothespins!! I anticipate having them for the rest of my life – can’t say that with any other clothespins out there. A little expensive at first but over the long haul will cost less since they don’t break. I had to buy new ones every year. But never again. They hold a lot better too.

  10. I ordered my clothespins after seeing several of my blogging friends run giveaways for Kevin’s Clothespins. I entered but didn’t win, so I had to buy a set! It’s ok, they are worth it!

  11. These clothespins are AWESOME! I have been using them for everything from keeping chip bags closed to holding small items that I am painting. I love, love, love the bigger size and overall sturdiness and will definitely be buying more! Thank you (and Kevin!) 🙂

  12. Who knew when u google clothespins U find Kevins!!SUPER!!Took them to my niece’s home so I can hang with her while my sheets and pillo cases dry in sun and fresh air!!U will never buy any other pins!!

  13. We recently moved into our new house we built out in the country (where it seems windier I might add). My husband had built me new close lines which I wanted to start using and I could not find the clothespins I had after the move. Instead of buying more cheap pins, I decided to search the internet to see if anybody made a heavier duty pin. I am so glad I found your website. THESE ARE AWESOME!! I did my own heavy rug test and they held up wonderfully,even with 15mph wind gusts that day! I would absolutely recommend these to anyone. Thank you!!!

  14. Really nice! I haven’t been able to use them( they are a Christmas gift for my mom)but they are beautifully made. Very sturdy and satisfying to hold and they are stained a beautiful color. Regular clothespins pale in comparison to these!

  15. These clothespins are truly amazing & each is a little work of art. They’re substantial with good grip. Made like ones I remember my mom using when I was a little girl before they all started being made you-know-where. These are going to last a long time & definitely won’t be flying part or twisting out of shape all the time like those “other” ones!

    1. I have a confession. Sometimes I want to hoard my favorite beautiful ones….but I just have a couple favorites that I have kept for myself. Glad you love them 🙂

  16. Love the clothespins. I was so tired of the other pins falling apart or coming off the line and finding them and my clothes on the ground. My grandkids could go out and just tug on the clothes and they would fall down. Many times I would come out after a storm and find my yard littered with clothespins under my line. These clothespins are bigger, sturdier and so much more durable I see many loads drying on my line with these pins.

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