Clothespin Crafting Halves

 Kevin’s Quality Clothespins is now offering

Clothespin Halves for Crafters.

These are the raw, unfinished halves that are used to create our highly praised Kevin’s Quality Clothespins.

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Kevin's Quality Clothespin Halves

Here are a couple projects that you can make with our clothespin halves:

Trivet with pine and label


These solid Maple halves can be used for many crafting projects.The raw, unfinished pin halves allow you to customize the finish for any project.

Kevin’s Quality Clothespin Halves are available in packages of 50 for only $9.75.

These snowflakes are easy to make and great addition to your holiday decor. One pack of 50 is enough to make 3 ornaments.

Click Here for the Clothespin Snowflake Tutorial


 This trivet is my favorite clothespin craft. It is beautiful and functional. You can use one of the patterns shown here or create you own. The trivet is very versatile and simple to assemble.

Trivets long out with measure

Trivet Wave with labeljpg

It can be designed in any pattern you wish, to fit any pot, pan or platter you need to use it for.  Plus, it can be kept out between uses for a artful addition to your table decor.

trivet label only

One package of 50 clothespins is enough to build one large trivet. (picture shows trivets made with 50 halves.)

Click Here for the Clothespin Trivet Tutorial

There are many ways you can use clothespin halves for crafting.You can find more ideas on our Clothespin Pinterest Board Here.

Kevin’s Quality Clothespin Halves

Kevin's Quality Clothespin Halves Package of 50

Purchase information

This Product officially launches on November 28, 2014. If you order before that date be aware that they will not ship until December 2, 2014

Only $9.75 for a Set of 50 unfinished, Maple wooden Clothespin halves.


You can purchase HERE through our Secure Shopping Cart.

Free Shipping for Orders of 5 sets or more. This offer can be combined with sets of Kevin’s Quality Clothespins. 

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