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How do your Green Beans Grow?

We reached our 2014 green bean goal. YA!!!

Our goal this year was to harvest, blanch and freeze 12 gallons of green beans for the year. So far we have 12 bags in the freezer and probably a few more coming.  This of course doesn’t count the fresh ones we ate during the harvest time.

Last year I was able to harvest 5 gallons of beans and they didn’t last very long. They are SO much better than store bought. The kids even noticed when I switched.

I recently had someone ask me on our Facebook page how many bean plants produced my 12 bags of beans and how much space I used. I figured since I have an empty trellis to show you, I have at least one curious reader and it’s never too early to start planning for next years garden, I would share how we grow our beans. I LOVE the method I use for growing them. Continue reading How do your Green Beans Grow?

Today’s Harvest, the Bean Experiment Winner and a Tiny Visitor

Today was a fun morning in the garden. we had a nice start on bean harvesting, the kids helped but let me have the quiet and we had a guest…  Continue reading Today’s Harvest, the Bean Experiment Winner and a Tiny Visitor

The proper Smores Fire

In our backyard we have a place for a burn pile. So I bought ingredients for Smores. (graham crackers, marshmallows, and small chocolate bars)

I was informed by my hubby that there is a perfect Smores fire. Lots of coals little flame. So we watched till it became perfect. And then… Continue reading The proper Smores Fire

Mother’s Day and Ready to Plant. YA!

My hubby told me that on Saturday we were going to do Mother’s Day celebrations early. He asked me what fun thing I wanted to do and my response was that what I REALLY wanted to do was get the garden set up for planting. Okay, Maybe not on most peoples fun list but that is what I most wanted. I have been itching to get my bean seeds in the ground so I can start watching them grow but I felt stuck behind a list of things I needed to do. Continue reading Mother’s Day and Ready to Plant. YA!

Wood Flower Pot Makeover

I wanted to transplant this azalea plant that I brought home from my grandmothers memorial. It was root bound but was getting a new set of leaves and seemed to be enjoying its new Northwest home. It was practically screaming for some space and freedom.  In searching thorough my random collection of empty pots I found this cedar wood planter. Continue reading Wood Flower Pot Makeover

Small town girl in the Country

Well, the last several months has been pretty busy and crazy with the move. On top of that, Due to a combination of computer issues that still have not yet been fully resolved and a need to prioritize, blogging has not been high on the list of to dos. In fact, March was deemed a time to minimize ALL commitments and just focus on getting a healthy baseline back into place. It has been wonderful to get back to basics.  It was a crazy process getting here but I am so glad we are to the point of being settled again. Changes do make life interesting… Continue reading Small town girl in the Country