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Kids Art Corner

Since our move in I have been saving one corner of the dining room to hang a cross stitch quilt my Mom made me. Well, I went to hang it yesterday to find that yes the quilt fits but not its hanger 😦 bummer….

Alrighty then. Plan B. I also wanted a place to showcase the kids art where I could rotate stuff in and out. This was the perfect place. Continue reading Kids Art Corner


Dryer Lint Fire Starters

I am happy to announce we are up and running again…(well mostly). We at least have a working home computer and I can begin blogging again on a limited basis! Yes, I know I could have been Super Blogger and gone to the library to write with my three kids in tow, but really?… I decided on being just a good Mom. Super Blogger will just have to be put on pause… So, time to have some fun and share a project… Continue reading Dryer Lint Fire Starters