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New Product and Upcoming 24hr Black Friday sale

It has been crazy busy around here lately. I haven’t had a chance to post much due to working on a Big Project for Lady and the Carpenter.  Almost time for the launch…. Continue reading New Product and Upcoming 24hr Black Friday sale


Clothespin Trivet

I have really enjoyed making crafts with our new Clothespin Halves. Not only did I have to make the craft to create the tutorial but now I have two gorgeous trivets to display on my table.

Already I have had several people mention how wonderful they look. No one can resist touching them when I show them that they change shape.

 I love their simple beauty and diversity…. Continue reading Clothespin Trivet

DIY Light Table: Transferring Designs

As many of you know I began to embroider this last winter. My goal was to create pieces that I could frame. I enjoyed my beginning pillow cases but I am not really into fancy towels or pillow cases.

I really  wanted my focus to be artwork that I could hang on the wall. I didn’t want my embroidery to be limited to preprinted patterns. So, that meant I needed an easy method to transfer a pattern from a piece of paper onto a piece of fabric.  Continue reading DIY Light Table: Transferring Designs

Kids Art Corner

Since our move in I have been saving one corner of the dining room to hang a cross stitch quilt my Mom made me. Well, I went to hang it yesterday to find that yes the quilt fits but not its hanger 😦 bummer….

Alrighty then. Plan B. I also wanted a place to showcase the kids art where I could rotate stuff in and out. This was the perfect place. Continue reading Kids Art Corner

Learning is not a waste

I just started to embroider this winter and I am really enjoying it. One thing I found though is that I don’t want to learn a stitch on the final project so I have a practice piece of fabric. Never thought it would become a teaching experience for me AND the kids… Continue reading Learning is not a waste

Hands and Heritage

This post was originally written last week but its publishing got pushed off due to our move into a new home. I chose not to change it before publishing other than to add this note.  I felt today was a perfect time to publish it because this afternoon my sweet Grandmother, that I mention below, went home to be with her Jesus today. The following words bring tears and I am sad because I will miss her. I am not sad her suffering is over and that she is now able to rejoice with her Savior.

This post is dedicated to my Grandmother Theresa Mencl Close Goble. Continue reading Hands and Heritage

Dryer Lint Fire Starters

I am happy to announce we are up and running again…(well mostly). We at least have a working home computer and I can begin blogging again on a limited basis! Yes, I know I could have been Super Blogger and gone to the library to write with my three kids in tow, but really?… I decided on being just a good Mom. Super Blogger will just have to be put on pause… So, time to have some fun and share a project… Continue reading Dryer Lint Fire Starters