Who are The Frabjus Lady and The Screwy Carpenter? 

I would say just two normal people but what’s normal?

Kevin, myself (Hilary) and our three kiddos live in the Pacific Northwest on the Olympic Peninsula. It is truly a little slice of heaven. We recently moved to a new home with several acres and are getting used to all the fun and work that comes with this new country adventure.

Me and My Carpenter
Me and My Carpenter

I grew up mostly in small towns and moved a lot growing up. As of this last move I have moved 17 times in my life. Our last city of residence made me long to stay in a spot for a long while. We have now made a home here and we would like to stay for a long time, raising our kids here. I can’t call myself a country girl or really a city girl so I describe myself as a “citified country girl”.  I am familiar with country life but not enough that I know how to kill and prep a chicken or milk a cow properly. I am just learning to grow my own food and am quickly loving being more in the country. I LOVE being a Mom and watching my children grow. Granted, they drive me bonkers some days but I think that is pretty “normal” for all moms to feel that way. I enjoy writing (hence part of why I have started the blogging adventure) and cooking. Though I call myself a “random crafter” I am falling in love with embroidery.

The Screwy Carpenter is my hubby Kevin. He is my wonderful, hard-working husband. He grew up in a small town and was definitely a country boy. He grew up gardening, milking cows and doing all sorts of country chores that I am sure at the time he hated but now sees the good in. He deeply loves the smell of freshly cut wood and the outdoors. After a day in his shop he comes back in the house with sawdust in his hair and a smile on his face. His grandfather is also a woodworker and that love was passed onto him. It is part of his soul.

He loves to do woodworking and we are in the process of trying to move his employment into being a woodworker full-time. He would LOVE LOVE to spend his days in the barn throwing sawdust around. I started this blog with the goal of eventually helping him move in that direction. So, as time moves forward you should start to see some of his projects highlighted along with products he will start to sell.

We have 3 lovely children. Faith is a little spit fire. As she goes through these preschool years it’s fun to see her little personality starting to develop. Abby is my thinker. You know the Family Circus cartoon where the boy takes this tangled trail to get to his destination?… that’s my girl. She is brilliant in her studies but a bit of an absent minded professor. Aidan is my oldest. He is bright and compassionate. He is forever asking for the schedule of the day and I am forever saying “Your doing what we are doing…just go with the flow…not everything has to be scheduled.”  They all make each day entertaining, I love experiencing life with them.

The Kiddos
The Kiddos

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures. Last but definitely NOT least, we pray that God would show you more of His love and that you would see His Spirit shine through our posts.

The Frabjus Lady and The Screwy Carpenter


Why Frabjus Lady? 

Yes I know it is an unusual name but it fits me perfectly. In college my roommate and I loved the Lewis Carroll poem the Jabberwocky. In the poem “frabjous” is a word meaning something close to joyous. I loved the word but put my own twist on it and changed the spelling slightly. Frabjus means joyous but with the beautiful love of God mixed in. I know if I had just slayed the Jabberwocky I would have lots of joy mixed in with a thankfulness to God for Him saving me from such a terrible creature. God has repeatedly saved me and I am forever grateful.


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A Woodworker and Teacher selling clothes pins that last generations, learning to live off the land and raising honest, hard-working children.

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