Clothespin Fun

Yesterday was a clothespin themed day. In the morning we unloaded our newest supply of Maple for Clothespins.

unloading Maple for handcrafted clothespins

We got our wood from a local mill.The mill primarily sells their maple to guitar manufacturers all across the US.  This is the stuff they cannot use.

Beautiful wood
Beautiful wood

Most of the pieces are highly figured maple. It will make some absolutely gorgeous Quality Clothespins. 

Then in the afternoon the kids played hide and seek in the hanging sheets and towels.

Chasing and playing peekaboo
Chasing and playing peekaboo

I was playing with my youngest and captured this enchanting picture. My absolute favorite picture of the day.

Peekaboo in the sheet

I am a bit addicted to our Classic style Clothespins. They make the Carpenter and I smile. I really love that we can use beautiful wood that can’t be used by the mill, I love that we can all be involved in the making of them and I love that I can see my sheets dry for free on the line.

Sometimes it really is about enjoying the simple things in life. Life will never be perfect but oh the joy of the simple.

-The Frabjus Lady


Preserving the Harvest: Green Beans

There are a few things that I seem to grow well in the garden. One is Sugar Snap Peas and the other is Green Beans.

Last year I had three trellis rows of green beans and I was able to preserve 5 gallon bags of blanched frozen beans. Because 5 bags didn’t last us nearly all year, my goal this year was 12 bags of beans.  I went a bit crazy and planted 7 trellis rows of beans.  Continue reading Preserving the Harvest: Green Beans

Your Building Character….Oh shut up!

One of my least favorite things that people say in hard times is: “It will be okay. You situation is building character”. Here is some harsh honesty for you…Most of the time when people say that to me I just want to tell them to shut up, hit them with a chair and tell them to develop their own character. Continue reading Your Building Character….Oh shut up!

DIY Light Table: Transferring Designs

As many of you know I began to embroider this last winter. My goal was to create pieces that I could frame. I enjoyed my beginning pillow cases but I am not really into fancy towels or pillow cases.

I really  wanted my focus to be artwork that I could hang on the wall. I didn’t want my embroidery to be limited to preprinted patterns. So, that meant I needed an easy method to transfer a pattern from a piece of paper onto a piece of fabric.  Continue reading DIY Light Table: Transferring Designs

GIVEAWAY with Fresh Eggs Daily (closed)

We are partnering up with a wonderful Facebook page this week. Fresh Eggs Daily.

Fresh Eggs Daily shares Tips & tricks to raising backyard chickens naturally from a 5th generation chicken keeper/herbalist. I love her beautiful pictures and great information.

We sent her some of clothespins and she loved them!

Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful giveaway and thank you to Fresh Eggs Daily. We are so happy that you love your Kevin’s Quality Clothespins

Low-sugar Peach and Yellow Plum Jam

Ahhh…. Summer goodness! I love putting beautiful preserves in these lovely clear jars that I can open in the winter months. I can spread the goodness on a piece of toast (I am a bit addicted to toast) and remember that the leaves will soon return….  Continue reading Low-sugar Peach and Yellow Plum Jam

Why we pick Online School.

I decided to take a break from plums and preserving to finally open our school boxes that were delivered last week. I figured since school starts in less than three weeks I should take the first step in getting my act together.

As a family we have made the choice to do online schooling. Online school is a new idea to most people. Some ask “What’s that?” and I simply state it is homeschooling but our school gives me a curriculum to follow.  The response is usually “Oh….interesting” Which usually means they still have no idea what I am talking about but aren’t interested enough to ask for details. I have run into many people who are genuinely curious so I elaborate for them.

So, for those curious…read on to learn about why we made this choice and what the basics look like. If you really aren’t curious this would be the time you say “Ohh……interesting” and read a different posting… Continue reading Why we pick Online School.