Wood Flower Pot Makeover

I wanted to transplant this azalea plant that I brought home from my grandmothers memorial. It was root bound but was getting a new set of leaves and seemed to be enjoying its new Northwest home. It was practically screaming for some space and freedom.  In searching thorough my random collection of empty pots I found this cedar wood planter.

Cedar Planter
Cedar Planter

I liked the look but I was concerned that the wood would rot or get green mold on it like another similar pot of mine has. I asked The Carpenter if I should just spray paint it with a clear coating and he suggested Danish Oil because it would soak into the wood while the clear coat would chip off. He gave me the container and I grabbed an old rag. It was very simple. I just gave it a good coating all over. Here is the finished look:

Cedar Planter with Danish oil
Cedar Planter with Danish oil

It should protect the wood from getting that Pacific Northwest green moldy look and I like the contrast of colors with the green.

He said that if it starts to look faded just add more. Love it! Prettier pot and super easy solution.

Lovin’ Spring!

The Frabjus Lady


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