Mother’s Day and Ready to Plant. YA!

My hubby told me that on Saturday we were going to do Mother’s Day celebrations early. He asked me what fun thing I wanted to do and my response was that what I REALLY wanted to do was get the garden set up for planting. Okay, Maybe not on most peoples fun list but that is what I most wanted. I have been itching to get my bean seeds in the ground so I can start watching them grow but I felt stuck behind a list of things I needed to do. I needed trellises up and (call me paranoid if you must) the 6 foot fence did not give me confidence that the deer would be kept out by it. It sounded so simple but juggling the three kids while constructing (which is not my strong suit) was not easy.

I did not take picks of the process because… well, we were busy and I just don’t think of taking pictures when I am deep into work mode.

Here are the finished garden picts.

Garden left
Garden left


Garden Center
Garden Center
Garden Right
Garden Right

Walkways were killed a while back and then The Carpenter burned down the dead stuff this weekend.  Trellis frames are up YA!!!! Just need to add the stringers. I will have 7 rows of pole beans and 1 row of Sugar Snap Peas. Last year I had 3 rows and I was able to prep and freeze 5 gallons of green beans for us to eat. I had to be a bit stingy with them and even then we ran out and are eating store bought 😦  So my goal this year is 10-12 gallon bags of prepped and frozen beans.

The fence yes was 6 feet high but apparently deer can vertically jump up to 8 feet high. That is AMAZING. I would love to see that… but not in my garden. So, my choices were either take a chance that the deer won’t care about my scrumptious raspberries, strawberries, cucumbers and beans and leave it or Make it taller. After deliberation and some online research we added the white strings (3 in the 2 feet section) on top. It’s a bit hard to see in the pictures. They are close enough to deter the deer from jumping. The rest of the fence and gate were already solid so the addition was easy but should work. If a deer gets in there I am naming it Superman Houdini.

Here is a picture to give you an idea of how far it has come. When we first moved in at the beginning of February the garden area looked close to this:

The garden beds after some work. The one on back still is fully covered with grass
The garden beds after some work. The one on back still is fully covered with grass

This is actually after I cleared some very tall dead grass from walkways and removed a lot of large dead plants. Two beds here of course are all cleared. The back corner bed you can barely see because the grass totally took over.

I am one HAPPY MOMMA! Yeah!!! It’s been a LOT of work but its ready for planting. So excited. THANK YOU HUBBY!!!

Here was my other Mother’s Day surprise:


The kids also got me treats and made me pictures. I am one loved and spoiled Mommy. It was a wonderful weekend of Family Time and outdoor projects in beautiful weather.

I posted earlier about a wood planter I gave a makeover today. To check it out go to Wood Flower Pot Makeover

Today we also transplanted our poor blueberry. It was the wrong time of year but it was really needing it and we were gentle. I had an ugly plastic pot.  We found some spray paint and revamped that too. It’s the big blue one.  Now it has some room to grow



So, I leave the weekend very full. Very blessed to have a husband and kids that loves me, a wonderful garden ready for planting, beautiful flowers outside my kitchen window… wow…. too many blessings to list. SO thankful God has blessed me with this wonderful weekend of memories.

Hope you see the blessings around you and they fill you with joy.

Happy Mothers Day,

The Frabjus Lady


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