Birthday Embroidery

As I have shared before I recently started to embroider. Because my Mother got me started I wanted my first “to be framed” piece to be for her.

This post is for my Mom who today turns 60 ( shhhhh don’t say anything. She doesn’t want to think about it 😉 )

The real birthday celebration is happening at the end of the month with family hanging out and whale watching. But I wanted her to see her present today…. well part of her present since it is going to be framed.


I got the pattern from Urban Threads
They have some great designs and it was very hard to choose. I just loved the whimsy of this one and I thought it kind of worked with the whale watching.
The ship is done in back stitch. I wanted it to have a different look than the water.


It is completed using four different thread colors that are put together in different combinations as you go down. I was at a loss of how I was going smoothly transition these colors. At the perfect time a blog I love to follow, Needle’ n Thread , had a post that involved the technique of tweeding or blending two different colors to make a new color. Yes! I had the solution!

BTW Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread site is a FABULOUS place to watch tutorials on different stitches. There are basic and advanced stitches.  Even though the projects she does are much more advanced than I am ready for I love that I can be inspired and learn.

The waves I completed in stem stitch to make them have a more flowing look.


I also used four colors to create interest. Some wave lines I made thicker to create dimension.

Of course it’s not perfect because I am a beginner but I was really happy about how it turned out.

I am so excited to frame it. The Screwy Carpenter will be doing most of that part though. I would say he is going to be helping me with that, but who are we kidding? He does beautiful work. I will be trying not to get in the way 🙂

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! Praying you have a beautiful blessed day. And don’t worry about that 60 number. What a blessing to be granted 60 years! and many more to come!

– The Frabjus Lady


Here is a picture of the completed and framed piece in The Screwy Carpenter’s custom frame. It is Oak and trimmed on the inside with Purple Heart. It turned out beautiful! A nearby glass company cut me a out a custom piece of glass for a nice low price.  I love it and Mom loved it too. 🙂 Next time I frame one (now that I have some experience) I will show you the technique I used.





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