Learning is not a waste

I just started to embroider this winter and I am really enjoying it. One thing I found though is that I don’t want to learn a stitch on the final project so I have a practice piece of fabric.┬áNever thought it would become a teaching experience for me AND the kids… Continue reading Learning is not a waste


Small town girl in the Country

Well, the last several months has been pretty busy and crazy with the move. On top of that, Due to a combination of computer issues that still have not yet been fully resolved and a need to prioritize, blogging has not been high on the list of to dos. In fact, March was deemed a time to minimize ALL commitments and just focus on getting a healthy baseline back into place. It has been wonderful to get back to basics. ┬áIt was a crazy process getting here but I am so glad we are to the point of being settled again. Changes do make life interesting… Continue reading Small town girl in the Country